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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Romney Bandwagon

GOP Get it Together
By Matt Roth

We have done it before and we can do it again.

The last time we did this it was silly old John McCain. I cheered with the best of them as McCain croaked out his speech at the Resch Center. I even tried to get a handshake in as he waddled off the stage. Even though he looked like a corpse, and was about as exciting as one, I gave him my full support.

When people made fun of his running mate, her lack of experience, and even greater lack of intelligence, I defended her.

That's right, I defended Sarah Palin.

Stop laughing at me. You did it too. And you will do it again.

Part of it is my own fault, I suppose. The candidates I vote for rarely have a prayer of winning. Maybe one of these years I will cave at the primary and actually vote for a viable candidate. It took me months, but, yes, I am ready to give my endorsement to the leader of the pack.

Mr. Paul, we had some good times together. But it is time to move on. I'm past denial, I'm over my anger, and bargaining did not work. I have reached the final stage: acceptance.

The time has come, as it always does, when conservatives must accept the inevitable. Newt, that means you too. Get on the bus, and go home.

And really, we should look on the bright side. Our 2012 lesser of two evils sure beats out the crazy old man and his flighty young sidekick of '08. Mitt Romney actually has executive experience. He understands our economy. And he does not look like he is going to keel over the next time he takes the podium. He looks like a President.

So when you see the Romney ads on television this spring, this summer, and this fall, just get over it. I mean, it could have been Rick Perry or Herman Cain.

And I do not know how many more ads I could handle with Mark Block blowing smoke in my face.

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