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Friday, April 13, 2012

GOP Unite

A Reality Check 
By Lauren Green

Well, here we are again. Party nominations are practically set, and the respective candidates are prepared for their standoff.

Is it just me or does this all seem a bit droll? I am only twenty-two, so maybe I am too young to be tired of politicians, but I still remember sitting on the living room floor as the voting results came in when Clinton beat out Dole in 1996. That night taught me a crucial lesson in politics: sometimes the “bad guy” wins.
Fast forward almost sixteen years, and here we are again. President Obama is up for reelection, and Mitt Romney will most likely be the Republican candidate. Most political pundits predicted this outcome months ago, but Rick Santorum put in a surprisingly strong run. Though his attempts were valiant, Santorum withdrew from the race this past Tuesday.

Mitt Romney does not really thrill me. Actually, he kind of makes me want to shrug my shoulders and stick my head in the sand until someone with more charisma or stronger credentials comes along. Responsible voters, however, do not have that luxury.

Forget what could have happened or who could have gotten the Republican nomination— for all intense purposes the primary is over. Regardless of how begrudging your attitude towards Romney is, how passionately you supported other candidates, conservatives must unite to get President Obama out of the White House.
Since President Obama took office in 2008, he has made no secret of where he stands. His $800 billion stimulus package in 2009 was the largest economic stimulus program in our nation’s history. We have seen the birth of ObamaCare and other blatant moves towards socialist policies— including Obama’s fight to raise taxes among the wealthy to promote “fairness.” Obama has repeatedly assured Planned Parenthood that they will continue to receive taxpayer dollars to fund the abortions they provide, and he has also used taxpayer dollars to fund embryonic stem cell research. The probable opportunities President Obama has to appoint left-leaning judges on both the Supreme Court and circuit courts of appeal should also cause alarm.

President Obama’s appointment of judges who fail to adhere to the original meaning of our Constitution could result in radical damage to our nation’s freedoms and values. His socialistic agenda will continue to change our government if he is given the chance to push them further. And who can stop this from happening? The answer, of course, is Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan. He is, however, the only man who stands between President Obama and another four years in the White House. Regardless of how unexcited we may be about Romney right now, please consider the fate of our country. In other words, unite and get the bad guy out.


tryanbaseball said...

Choose the lesser of two evil folks. It's that simple. We don't have a choice. We're enslaved by the two party system.

But seriously, it's going to be difficult to have much hope in the guy going against President Obama who lost to John Mccain who lost to Obama.

I'm young, idealistic, and still believe that you don't have to vote for a lesser of two evils. I guess I'll understand when I'm older that this is simply not how things work, but for now, I refuse to vote for continued spending, wars, and general disregard of the Constitution and hope, just hope, that there are others like me.

"Of two evils, choose neither."
~Charles H. Spurgeon

Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

Whenever we vote we are making a decision between the "lesser of two evils." No candidate is perfect.

That said, if choosing the lesser of two evils will save innocent lives then count me in. Barack Obama has promised continued funding to Planned Parenthood. An organization that remains functioning due to their deception of pregnant mothers in crisis. Um, no thanks.

When I cast my vote in November I won't be weighing the candidates' ability to debate or to make a point. I won't be influenced by charisma or personality. I wont' even make the decision based on who I think will lower gas prices. I will cast my vote for the unborn. I choose life.

nathagurl said...

I don't view Romney as the "lesser of two evils." I'm not a Romney zealot - but that's not going to stop me from voting on my convictions to protect the sanctity of life, protect our Constitution, and keep America from becoming more and more of a Socialist nation.

If you have a moral conviction against voting for Romney, then I commend you for not doing so. Personally though, unless I fill in a write-in candidate every election, then I'm going to have to vote for people I don't agree with 100%. I believe it's my responsibility to do what I can with my voting power to protect our nation from another Obama term.

Tim Halloran said...

@tryanbaseball - I'm pretty sure if Spurgeon were still alive he would do anything in his power to make sure Obama didn't stay in office.

Also, your premise is illogical. You don't change the system by standing aside and doing nothing. You and millions of others this coming November will be disregarding your civic duty but not for the same reasons - just mostly out of complacency or ignorance.

I'm voting for Romney in November. Not because I like him or even agree with everything he says but because he's the lesser of two evils; the right choice for our country.

tryanbaseball said...
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tryanbaseball said...

@Andrew (all) I suppose we are forced to choose a lesser evil in a sense, being that all men are technically "evil", but right now we're not talking technicalities. We're talking about buying into the illusion that we have to bow down to corrupted political parties/politicians and choose a lesser of two candidates who both demonstrate an undisputed poor character, political inconsistency, and loose Constitutional interpretation.

I'll get back to this point, but I digress. Unfortunately you're right that this is the case when it comes to the national election if you want to vote, write-in, etc. for a candidate who has a chance to become the president(because most people are yet to think like me).

I don't recommend voting for a candidate on only one issue. Character (Biblical, Christ-like) is the most important issue for me, but only because character determines if I can trust he'll do what he says he'll do. Maybe Mitt Romney will force states to make abortions illegal(he can't), maybe he'll end funding for Planned Parenthood, I hope so, but it's only a guess. Point being that you're voting your conscience on a baseless guess. I'd vote for Romney too if abortion was the only reason I chose a candidate. People will still have abortions, that's a fact that a large portion of our society has accepted. If we really want to change this you've got to change hearts. And politically at least start with giving states back their right to choose their own laws regarding abortion. Sanctity of life is important, so let's not forget that this includes preventing wars. Which leaves us with a catch 22 doesn't it?

@nathagurl Which is worse--more socialism (Obama) or more government supported corporate fascism (Romney)? At least with Obama you know for a fact that he is going to support abortion, I'll give you that.

No one will ever vote for a candidate you agree with 100%, but I'm not disputing that point.

@Tim Your assumption about Spurgeon is begging the question and an inductive fallacy.

I don't think you understand my premise.

I'll be voting. I'm not trying to suggest that people do not vote. You must not know me. I am very much a political activist for who I believe is the best candidate, Dr. Ron Paul.

This brings me, finally, back to my main point (my premise).

Since when did my civic duty cease to be a vote for who lines up closest to my political views, the Constitution, and the future preservation of the United States of America and become a vote just simply get [place any candidates name here] out of office?

Insanity could be defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

Voting for someone I know will support more unconstitutional wars, more spending, and loose Constitutional interpretation (among others) is the epitome of illogicality.

When voting, it is my civic duty to vote for the president who has demonstrated that he will actually uphold and defend the Constitution, and as a Christian, someone who has consistent personal morals.

Obviously I can't support Ron Paul forever, but I am glad that my research of who his is and what he stands for completely opened my eyes to how corrupt the system is. The system isn't broken, it's corrupt, and that responsibility at all levels our system ultimately lands on us voters.

JoelJoseph said...

"But seriously, it's going to be difficult to have much hope in the guy going against President Obama who lost to John Mccain who lost to Obama."

Really? That's your strongest reason why Mitt Romney will lose the election? You don't believe President Obama's favorability has dropped? You don't think that many individuals that voted for him are regretting their vote or just won't show up come election day? Mitt Romney definitely has a good chance at winning this election.

I am curious Mr. Ryan, who are you going to be voting for come November? Nader? Mckinney?

tryanbaseball said...

@Joel Aw..this is a red herring to the previous discussing... I'm just saying it's disconcerting to actually believe Mitt Romney is the best against Obama.
I'm not saying he will lose, he has a chance no doubt because Obama is an absolutely horrendous president.

It's way too hard to predict now, especially since the GOP hasn't chosen a nominee (yes, folks, it's true. Mitt Romney is not the nominee quite yet). I think if he does lose it could stem from a culmination of the following:

1. Neoconservative war philosophy. Expect Obama to play the "I'm not the crazy want to attack everyone who says America is evil like my Republican counterpart" card. Americans are tired of war, unless Mitt Romney promises lightens up particularly on Iran, expect Obama to spin that he is actually the most peaceful option.

2. Young voters. President Obama dominated this field last time, I wouldn't be surprised if he could pull a substantial amount again, at least enough to sway in a tight race.

3. Third party candidates. There is a movement among independents especially searching for something else other than the failed status quo. There is the chance these much needed independent voters such as myself could vote 3rd party simply as a vote against the establishment. If Ron Paul were to run, it could sway the vote anywhere from 1-10% away from Romney.

4. I'll throw in the wildcard of universal health care. Believe it or not, the country is split down the middle on this issue. I predict this benefits Romney though, I just thought I'd throw it in for fun because it could go both ways. Again, independent voters decide elections. That's why all you Republicans should hope Ron Paul pulls off a convention miracle :)

Mr. Joseph, honestly, I haven't made up my mind. I'm going to wait and see who the nominee is. I can tell you that it will certainly not be Mitt Romney nor Barack Obama. August (GOP convention) and November are a while away in the political world timescale.

There is still time for folks to make up their minds and/or change their opinions.

PS (In case you thought otherwise) **NEWS FLASH**MITT ROMNEY IS NOT THE NOMINEE.
Good ol' Faux News is spewing out establishment propaganda that the race is over, and the victor is Romney. The mainstream media doesn't report facts anymore, in case you don't know this yet people. Please refuse to be told what to think.'re welcome, I'm always glad to do what I can to reverse the mind control.

JoelJoseph said...

Well say Mitt Romney (who apart from God's intervention is going to be the nominee), President Obama, Bob Barr, Cynthia McKinney, and Ralph Nader are your options.... Please pick away.

I am interested in this because "Papa Paul", as I like to call him, supported Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader in 2008. I never thought of them as conservative or constitutional. I don't even think they consider themselves as such.

O by the way, young voters didn't hurt the GOP that much in the last election, for the most part they tend to vote predominately democratic every election. What hurt the GOP was the loss of hispanics and middle class voters. Both are attainable with the right campaigning style and VP nomination.

nathagurl said...

tryan, you are correct - technically Mitt is not the nominee. But at this point it is obvious that Romney WILL BE the nominee - I can accept that without anyone having to "tell me what to think."

Also, I don't believe Romney is a fascist. :) Obviously, I believe Romney will take the country in a better direction than Obama's socialist tendencies will, and that's why I'll vote for him.

tryan, our different voting plans do not show that I am being mind-controlled or told what to think or that I don't respect the constitution or that I care less than you about getting a good man in office. I feel like you want this debate to be about you taking the "higher road" or something. But the point is simply that we have a different value system and have drawn different conclusions about the candidates. We feel differently about wars, we prioritize over-spending and abortion in different ways, we disagree about Mitt Romney's stance on protecting the constitution, etc, etc. There are people, tryan, who are just as passionate about our country and just as intellectual and even just as hopeful as you, who are voting for Romney. I, for one, am not doing so out of any party allegiance, but because I believe it is best for our country.

JoelJoseph said...

Amen, Nathagurl!!

I couldn't have said it better myself.

tryanbaseball said...

@joeljoseph Watch for yourself if you want to know why he endorsed them. He even brings up the lesser of two evil topic.

You and I differ on our definition of Constitution and conservative, so I wouldn't expect you to think that any of their views could be considered constitutional or conservative.

I'll leave it at that.

Yeah, you're right about the youth voters. I predict an extremely close so every little advantage or disadvantage could be the difference. Long ways away though, anything can happen.

@nathagurl I respect your prediction. What data would you use to back that up? Numbers data, delegate data, etc.

Some people literally only get there information from the main stream media, those are the ones who have it the worse. I'm not saying anyone here is, however, it does seem that the general consensus is to accept an assumption before the fact and call it a fact. Research, then decide. That's all I'm saying. Back your statement up.

I can say that it's not a guarantee and be right because it's not decided until August. There are many unbound and undeclared delegates that we have no idea about. The media says its over, when in reality Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are still in the race. This is spin. Santorum and Ron Paul delegates could easily allign to Paul. Take Colorado for instance, Paul just won the state overall delegate count.

I believe you. If we all agreed we wouldn't have government. That's life. I'm happy you're involved.

forGodandcountry1776 said...

@tryan...don't use your "Convictions" as a crutch. God hasn't told you not to vote for Romney. You are choosing to waste your vote. I am not a Romney supporter. However, Biblically you need to vote against the person who is permitting and supporting the murder of the unborn childern.

Yes abortion will still happen even if Romney wins. Will abortion be paid for by YOUR TAX DOLLARS if Obama is not in office, I don't thinks so.

If you want to play the convictions card then play it where it matters. With your mindset Obama will use your money to pay for abortion for 4 more years.

YAY for politics and Christians who are too stubborn. I do not like Romney and some of his opinions stink. However, Obama is completely contrary to America, but more importantly against God.

tryanbaseball said...
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tryanbaseball said...


Isn't the conscience supposed the foundation for choice in voting? Even you sir/ma'am, are doing the very thing you suggest I cease to continue right now.

"However, Biblically you need to vote against the person who is permitting and supporting the murder of the unborn children."

What's wrong with using the conscience to provide the base of the decision?

Let me assure you, whether I vote for Romney or not, I will not be voting for someone who supports abortion. And please don't say if I don't vote for Romney I'm supporting Obama or abortion. It's inequitable to do so. It'd be like me saying you support Mormonism if you vote for Romney or that you don't support born again Christians because you didn't vote for Ron Paul. Just a warning to help you evade erroneous thinking.

You seem to have missed my major points. We all agree that ultimately we should vote our conscience. And I'm not trying to claim moral high ground at all. This is how you have interpreted it and you seem to be bothered by it, perhaps it is your conscience speaking.

Everyone here is still voting their convictions to not support a candidate who supports abortion.

I don't want to rehash everything I've already said in this comment string (too late though), but I did say if I was voting for which president I felt wouldn't support abortion in office it would be Romney. Unfortunately, Romney has supported it in the past, so this is only a guess. He may be lobbied and change his mind again. But on the other side he has a pro-choice record as governor. I don't know what to believe. Again--I don't want to vote my conscience on a virtually baseless guess. That's all.

And so he will if reelected, but my conscience will be clear because I'm not voting for him. I wonder, would it be unbiblical to refuse to pay taxes because they go to support abortion? Wow. Now that is an interesting topic of discussion...

Also, God doesn't tell anyone "who not to vote for", so that's a silly thing to say.

Politically, in my opinion, you're choosing to waste your vote because you're voting to continue the status quo that has only deepened our debt, taken away more freedoms, and drifted farther and farther away from the constitution over the last several decades.
Regarding the abortion point, I admit that it would be better to vote for Romney because Obama currently supports abortion whereas Romney has changed his mind if you give into the societal norm that states we only have two choices for president.
I'm choosing to be deviant because society is lying to you. It isn't democracy when the candidates are pre-choosen by the establishment elites and their media organizations, and of course you don't believe that this occurs as well, so this point is mute.

Anyway, it has been fun. I respect logical and factual based opinion regardless of the differing world views others may hold.